Project Bike Tech works to enhance lives, create opportunities and build sustainable communities through bicycle repair education. School & Retail Roles | Project Bike Tech

Working Together, Everyone Benefits


By getting involved, local bike shops help build and, in turn, benefit from a community of students, parents and schools passionate about bikes. They also help create a new generation of skilled bicycle mechanics, a vital need in the industry today.

  • Works with school partners to support the class
  • Assists with fundraising efforts
  • Offers mentorship, internships, work-based learning opportunities and jobs to students who are in or graduated from the program
  • Provides discounts to participating students
  • Hosts field trips
  • Promotes the class to other local bike advocates
  • Provides guest lecturer for class or TA in classroom

School or Affiliated CTE Program:

Schools can choose to work in-house or base off of a CTE program. Either way, the school will benefit from student and community interest and participation.

  • Hires and pays for a teacher
  • Sets up the classroom with assistance from PBT and provides additional equipment (computer, AV)
  • Collaborates with PBT and approves teaching materials
  • Connects Bike Tech class with other CTE classes
  • Works with local bike shops and community to facilitate internships for school credit and job placements


Bike Tech in School’s experiential learning provides students with valuable training and experience, whether they plan on further education or plan to enter the workforce after graduation.

  • Works with community partners to fund class
  • Supports and promotes class recruitment
  • Supplies a dedicated, secure classroom with storage space

“The best thing about Bike Tech is that we have use of all the tools we would ever need. The class is hands-on and really fun!”

By supporting Project Bike Tech and Bike Tech in School you are supporting an entire ecosystem including students, teachers and schools, local bike shops, the bicycle industry, and the planet!