Project Bike Tech works to enhance lives, create opportunities and build sustainable communities through bicycle repair education. Overview | Project Bike Tech



Think of PBT as the umbrella organization that fosters bicycle education, enhances lives and builds communities. Under that umbrella is Bike Tech in School, the classroom where it all gets rolling.

Bike Tech in School teaches students the necessary skills to work as a professional bicycle mechanic and provides a stepping stone to a multitude of cycling industry careers including engineering, fabrication, marketing, filmmaking, graphic art, sales and writing for publications.

Classes will provide:

  • Standards-based curriculum on the mechanics of the bicycle
  • A hands-on, multi-sensory learning environment
  • Opportunities for increased personal health, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Specific career training to compete in today’s job market
  • Top-notch instruction that reinforces core academic skills
  • The tools to embrace cycling as a form of sustainable transportation and lifelong recreational activity

“The best thing about Bike Tech is that we have use of all the tools we would ever need. The class is hands-on and really fun!”

By supporting Project Bike Tech and Bike Tech in School you are supporting an entire ecosystem including students, teachers and schools, local bike shops, the bicycle industry, and the planet!