Project Bike Tech works to enhance lives, create opportunities and build sustainable communities through bicycle repair education. Overview | Project Bike Tech

Pedaling Forward Through Education

Project Bike Tech (PBT) uses bicycle education as a conduit to teach core academics, enhance lives, create career opportunities and inspire new generations to be passionate about bikes. It is the only program of its kind in the country and it is the on-ramp for young adults to develop a life-long engagement with the bicycle lifestyle while learning key academic concepts.

         PBT’s primary program, Bike Tech in School, is a credited high school elective that uses bicycle mechanics as a conduit to teach Common CORE and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) elements to students. Project Bike Tech’s proprietary curriculum currently is classified under the Transportation Sector of Career Technical Education as an Introduction to Systems Diagnostics, Service and Repair.  We also incorporate career building skills and techniques as a component of our class. Students leave our course knowing the basics of portfolio building, resume writing and interview tactics.

         Project Bike Tech is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2017. The program got its start at the Bicycle Trip bike shop in Santa Cruz, California by the shop’s owner and founder Berri Michel. Berri worked with a team from the shop to build the grassroots program from the ground up. The curriculum was created and developed by PBT along with industry partners to give students a base in bicycle mechanics. Additional modules where then introduced to encompass career preparation portion of the class develops a student’s professional skills whether they pursue a career in the cycling industry or any other field.

         The PBT program is now a thriving program throughout the Bay Area in California and is spreading nationwide. Over the years, PBT has successfully impacted more than 3000 students. Whether graduates directly enter the workforce or continue on to college, they become aware of how core academic principles can be applied in real world situations, how cycling can lead to a healthy and green lifestyle and how to properly present themselves as a prospective employee regardless of where they pursue a career.

“I’m proud to be part of PBT because I know I’m helping to do great things!”

By supporting Project Bike Tech and Bike Tech in School you are supporting an entire ecosystem including students, teachers and schools, local bike shops, the bicycle industry, and the planet!