Classroom in a Box + Support = PBT

Project Bike Tech helps schools and communities establish classrooms and then provides support to help each program thrive. PBT’s Bike Tech in School takes it from there, using bicycles and bicycle mechanics to teach students everything from geometry to city planning while helping students look at bikes as a sustainable source of transportation, a road to healthy living and a means for connecting with the outdoors.

PBT Helps Schools Achieve & Maintain:

  • A dedicated class room
  • Curriculum
  • 11 new bicycles every year
  • 11 repair stands and benches
  • Tools and repair supplies
  • Helmets for riding

PBT Also:

  • Facilitates bicycle industry, community, and school partnerships
  • Provides classroom setup and product supply
  • Coordinates discounted pricing for classroom setup
  • Offers tool recommendations and facilitates purchase
  • Assists the school with hiring a teacher
  • Supplies & updates class curriculum, materials and tech. modules
  • Provides certificates for graduates
  • Provides marketing, communications and publicity templates
  • Supplies networking support to teachers
  • Creates sponsorship programs and fundraising support
  • Provides interactive website & community resources
  • Provides teacher & student login and blog site to share information
  • Provides resources and industry job openings

“Basically we provide a classroom in a box and support!”

By supporting Project Bike Tech and Bike Tech in School you are supporting an entire ecosystem including students, teachers and schools, local bike shops, the bicycle industry, and the planet!